Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there; And for that, I am responsible.


Policies and Procedures

1. Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this web site is to help the suffering alcoholic. It will also provide information to members of our fellowship and the general public regarding Alcoholics Anonymous in West Pasco and Tarpon Springs.

In order to accomplish the primary purpose, the web site will:

  • provide information on time, date, and place of face-to-face meetings,
  • provide information on online meetings registered with the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous,
  • further general service participation within the fellowship by serving as an exchange of information about opportunities for involvement in our service area activities,
  • serve as a means of communication within the West Pasco and Tarpon Springs area between Central Office and members of our fellowship by providing information about activities and events.

2. Anonymity

The AA principle of anonymity (Tradition 11) as it applies to other forms of media should be extended to the World Wide Web. Thus, we will include no recognizable photographs of individuals, no full names of individuals, no personal telephone numbers, and no personal e-mail addresses.

Rather we will use position titles, rather than first names, when referring to Intergroup or District officers, Committee chairs, and others. In addition, email addresses will be set up using the position titles. Email will then be forwarded to the appropriate person's personal email address. In this way, the anonymity of all individuals involved with the web site will be protected.

The privacy of visitors to the web site is of the utmost concern to us. In the spirit of anonymity, and the spirit of our program in general, we neither gather nor divulge any personal information from anyone using this site without their permission. If a visitor gives us their email address, that address will only be used to send updates concerning AA and will never be divulged to any outside entity.

3. Submitting Information for Inclusion on the Web Site

Anyone wishing to submit changes for their group by email must sign up as the "Group Web Site Administrator". The Webmaster will verify the email address at that time. If this person is not the Intergroup Representative or the General Service Representative, they must meet the requirements for becoming an Intergroup Representative.

Changes to any District information must come from the District representative as listed with the Webmaster.

4. Format of Data Submitted for Inclusion on the Web Site

Data submitted for inclusion on the web site can be in any of the following formats:

  • Electronic documents, sent via email
  • Hard copy, sent via regular mail or dropped off at Webfoot's office, will be scanned by Webfoot
  • Acceptable file formats include: pdf, txt, doc, jpg, gif and mp3. Please email the Webmaster if you need to send it in any other format.
5. Protection of Copyrights

The West Pasco and Tarpon Springs AA website is neither endorsed, nor approved by AAWS and all references to AA, AA literature, and the Grapevine are to registered trademarks.

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