Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there; And for that, I am responsible.




We are an AA service office or better known as Intergroup. A central office established to carry out certain functions common to all the groups of District 15 in West Pasco / Tarpon Springs area. Handling the duties or activities required which are best managed by a centralized office. The primary purpose of Intergroup is to carry the AA message to those who suffer from alcoholism. And to operate and maintain a centralize office in accordance with the AA Traditions and suggestions as may be issued by the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous in New York.

Our mission is to provide a physical location for Alcoholics Anonymous and maintain a direct contact for the still suffering alcoholic. The office is located within the area it serves and is maintained, supervised, and supported by AA group members volunteering to handle all the duties on a daily basic. The heart of the AA recovery program is service and what better way to help your fellow alcoholic than by volunteering for one of the needed activities. We exist to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message.

The central office is often where the sick alcoholic first calls for AA help. Our phones and Hotline service are covered 24 hours a day, 366 days a year by volunteers willing to carry the message of AA’s recovery program to the alcoholic. We are short of volunteers during the daytime hours on a regular basic. Currently there is a need for volunteers for various shifts. Backups or substitutes are also needed to answer the office phones and to service the Hotline phone.

We coordinate 12th Step calls with a contact list. We can’t have too many people willing to share their experience, strength, and hope with the newcomer. A telephone is a must. Transportation and the willingness to meet with new comers is highly worth the effort.

We handle other phone inquires such as handling institutional contacts or treatment facilities. When there is contact with local groups in correctional or treatment facilities, the service office offers literature and prerelease AA contacts and arrange for AA speakers and visitors to hold meetings in these facilities through close cooperation with local hospitals and prisons.

At regular intervals, the central office prints, updates, and distribute the Where and When meeting list and other information about local AA service. This meeting list is only as good as the data provided by the groups, and our collective best efforts.

The preparation of a publication (0777 Newsletter) for distribution to AA groups is a function of our Central Office. 0777 Newsletter inform groups of meeting changes, new groups, or location changes. Frequently, articles and material from our AA literature is reprinted and discussed; centering on some aspect of the AA recovery program. Calendar of events, District 15 and Area 15 news, along with Anniversaries, donations, and puzzles are published in the monthly newsletter.
We carry other articles such as medallions, Book covers, 24 Hour Books, and provide AA recovery related material as it is requested by the groups.

The Intergroup Rep is a trusted servant from your group who volunteers to meet with other group members at a monthly Intergroup meeting. They report back to their group on the business of Intergroup and vote their group’s conscience requiring group concerns and decisions.

The Intergroup committee is made up of representatives from all the member groups. They deal with the business of Intrtgroup (facilitating 12th Step calls, meeting list, newsletter, web page, hotline phone calls, and the selling of Conference-approved literature and other related AA material.

We also house District 15 archives. Early AA books and merchandise available for viewing by any interested member.

A Website Committee developed a web page (www.wptsaa.org) and e-mail address (0777news@gmail.com). A web page is provided by West Pasco / Tarpon Springs and District 15 as a service to the AA community. It is our attempt to share information about Alcoholics Anonymous with recovering alcoholics at any time, anywhere. This information is to facilitate the face-to-face meetings of still suffering alcoholics with those in recovery and to provide resources about Alcoholics Anonymous on the west coast of Florida.

Any suggestions or updates are welcome.

7121 US Hwy. 19  | New Port Richey, FL 34652  | (727) 847-0777  | Email: 0777news@gmail.com
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